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  1. New club opening
  2. Starting at Ground Zero
  3. opening costs
  4. suburbian club?
  5. QuickPlan Bar
  6. What is a ballpark figure for startup costs for a nightclub?
  7. advice on anything and everything
  8. new club
  9. Can i do this?? Need some encouragement!
  10. NEW Student Help Needed
  11. Financial Projections for Business Plan
  12. lounge vs restaurant
  13. What steps should I take?
  14. Starting Capital - your experiences
  15. Who here doesn't?
  16. Teen Club Idea- Please look
  17. I want to buy a bar.............
  18. Estimating attendance...
  19. Newbee with advice
  20. Gentlemen's Club
  21. Let Us Help You
  22. Successful Elements Often Overlooked
  23. Idea for a new club in Mass.
  24. Needs Help for New Teen Club
  25. Fundamentals for Bars
  26. BARCODE Nightclub
  27. Promoting a new club
  28. Business directory
  29. Finding Partners
  30. Sample Business Plan
  31. Advice Needed!!!
  32. Just an Idea I guess
  33. HELP: Looking for Employee Code of Ethics!!!
  34. "Teen Club/Center startup" or "building startup costs"
  35. I Need Help!
  36. designers...used the search feature already
  37. Liqour License
  38. Financing Available
  39. Financing
  40. thanx
  41. Business plan Development
  42. what percent can you expect
  43. Nightclub Industry Business Opportunity
  44. Need some advice
  45. Consultants cost
  46. New Venture Needs Comments......
  47. funky bar/nightclub/lounge furnishings
  48. my teen nightclub/dance hall
  49. New Club In Spain
  50. Researching the industry and financial options
  51. Name for our Thursday night promotion
  52. Research when there is no similar biz in area?
  53. Market Research
  54. Advise on a business idea and Planning
  55. How much does location determine success?
  56. Anyone in Philadelphia?
  57. Mixed Beverage License in NC
  58. Security, Surveillance, and Entertainment all in one.
  59. Start up questions. Projections, liquor license,etc
  60. best way to interview potential bar mgr
  61. TV Monitors for a sports bar?
  62. Music LIcenses
  63. Opening new bar, however, having trouble with financing. Gauranteed profit maker.
  64. Investors/partners wanted for NYC restaurant bar lounge
  65. My Idea...What do you think.....
  66. Nightclub Opportunity in Key West
  67. Credit Card Processing
  68. CASE STUDY:Buying a bar
  69. The Newest New Guy
  70. my club design project
  71. want to open my own club
  72. IN NYC..Partners wanted! great opportunity to own a bar lounge
  73. Need Details for New Club
  74. Wanting to go with a Consultant
  75. Interested in opening a new bar
  76. Looking for Partner
  77. who wants some? I got a lil left
  78. Looking For Investers To Open The First Male Stripe Bar In Hong Kon
  79. Want to open a nightclub
  80. new opportunity
  81. Some ideas please?
  82. lets get started
  83. need info on surveys
  84. Opening a pool hall/bar/club type thing
  85. Location, location, location
  86. Insurance
  87. Where to begin...I have a location
  88. Steps to open a nightclub
  89. Interactive LED Dancefloor
  90. Partners Wanted for High end NYC bar lounge...A+ crowd
  91. business plan samples?
  92. small beer bar in trouble from competition
  93. Club Ideas (AL) sales and many other things
  94. Need Opinions
  95. Good Nightclub Books
  96. Let's start a Night Club.
  97. Need a investor for a Indian NightClub in New York City
  98. Looking for a partner! Bar & Grill at the beach in NC
  99. New Club Question
  100. new concept..what to do?
  101. New Bar Owner Here....
  102. $$Update$$ NYC partners highend lounge/club
  103. "Members" Club
  104. Pictures of the Building.
  105. Nightclub Insurance in Canada
  106. I am negotiating the purchase of an existing nightclub/sports bar, but I need funding
  107. Have concept and investors
  108. new concept
  109. investor needed
  110. Help a new guy!
  111. HELP - New Club/Bar Owner in NYC
  112. A little active convo might help.
  113. Lounges
  114. Newbeee
  115. Legal Question
  116. NightClub Market and Industry Research
  117. starting a club
  118. Starting A New Bar
  119. looking for alcohol reps
  120. Local Mentors
  121. Need Experiece
  122. refresher courses before opening a bar/lounge
  123. costs
  124. Square Footage
  125. project
  126. Looking for investor in Kansas City area
  127. Ready to take the leap.....
  128. Design
  129. Angel Investors/Partner needed for club in East Coast
  130. Looking to open nightclub in New Orleans
  131. investors ?
  132. Good Idea or Bad Idea
  133. Financing Solutions
  134. Help Marketing
  135. Contrary Dependencies
  136. New night club
  137. Would love to help x x
  138. Gaming Club
  139. What do the banks think??
  140. How much education required?
  141. Im getting customers after 12:00
  142. If it was for you to rename your nightclub
  143. California Licensing Issues
  144. Flair Bartending, Help or Hinderance?
  145. What should I pay for a CLub
  146. Vegas Show 05'
  147. Do you have ?
  148. How much capital to start and operate a bar?
  149. I'm Looking to open a teen club
  150. Pizza/beer
  151. Quick Question
  152. Inventory Checklist
  153. Seeking Partner in Virginia.
  154. Bid Amount: what's this bar worth?
  155. schooling?
  156. Help A Young Business Owner
  157. Experience
  158. When Opening a Business
  159. Design question
  160. size matters
  161. Need advice
  162. Small Lounge
  163. Small Lounge HELP!
  164. Equipment lease?
  165. Name my nightclub
  166. Business Plans for a new bar/club
  167. So close Yet so far away
  168. HELP with slow summer business
  169. Those elusive financial planning spreadsheets
  170. Need Some Advice
  171. Staffing?
  172. Where to find marketing info for non-smoking bar
  173. Where to find staff????
  174. Perpetual Inventory Software???
  175. Funding?
  176. new dance club in colorado. mega club.
  177. Here's my situation!
  178. Location and Business planning
  179. design question
  180. Can no one help?
  181. Future Revenues/Profits for a small Bar/Music Venue
  182. Having difficulty choosing a name
  183. Want to open a club of my own
  184. liability insurance
  185. Beer/Wine
  186. Run down of costs.
  187. Small Venue
  188. Business Venture Pro's/Con's
  189. Investors Wanted
  190. Expansion In Texas
  191. Advice on construction?
  192. club for sale in San Jose
  193. Leasing a Bar
  194. Diamond on the Tracks
  195. advice on training
  196. Opening New Club
  197. Any Help Needed!!! New Club
  198. Financing
  199. How Important Is The Alcohol?
  200. Looking For Investors Knoxville Nightclub
  201. Quick question
  202. How to start...?
  203. Angel/partner found, couple questions.
  204. New music bar in Japan
  205. Introduction/Loads of Questions
  206. Awesome Idea !
  207. Seeking Partner in Kansas
  208. Looking to purchase a bar/nightclub in San Diego, investors needed.
  209. Need investor in Chicago for Nightclub
  210. info?
  212. Manchester club: Investment
  213. Seeking investor for new bar in Dallas, Texas
  214. 12 steps
  215. Insurance Is Also An Expensive Attribute..please Read, I Can Help You!!
  216. Purchase Bar as a Condo
  217. Fight Club?
  218. New user with questions
  219. Thoughts on my plan...
  220. Student bar
  221. nightclub for sale in Houston
  222. Opening a new club in Alabama
  223. Please allow myself to…umm…introduce myself
  224. Opening new concept in DFW Area! Partners Needed!
  225. Looking for investors in the Cincinnati area
  226. Looking for investors for club in Huntington Beach, CA PROFIT
  227. Training Manual
  228. A few questions about security for live music
  229. bar / nightclub FOR SALE
  230. New Bar and Organization
  231. Hey there, I'm new to the board...
  232. Anyone Know of A Gay nightclub For Sale/Tennessee
  233. 90% of the 10% rule?
  234. Alcohol Inventory
  235. Florida Investor/ Partner Needed ASAP
  236. Want To Buy Turnkey Gay Bar..Any for Sale?
  237. Investor Needed
  238. Looking for 2nd Round Investment in Baltimore
  239. Planning to Open Up in Toronto
  240. Atlanta, GA
  241. You're Going to Need Nightclub Lighting
  242. I have a dream....
  243. Liquor License in California
  244. Questions about a new bar....
  245. stocking a bar
  246. Night Club
  247. Need urgent advice
  248. Opening A New Bar, Seeking Info
  249. Country & Western Nightclub Name
  250. Investing in a New Club