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Thread: Opening a teen club? Is it difficult?

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    Opening a teen club? Is it difficult?

    Hi, I was contemplating on opening a teen dance club? Do such a club have to go through the same process as an adult club ( that serves liquor)?

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    Where about are you located? We had a 21+ venue that we often did "teen" nights for....what a disaster. Not sure if its a problem in your area but there was some gang tensions and these nights brought it all out..something to think about.

    As far as setup, I know we had to remove all liquor and any reference to it ( signs, posters and such) but if you're setting it up ONLY for teen nights, just check with local zoning laws.
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    I have thought it about, then started working through possible scenarios, and came to the same conclusion. The problems that arise, in metro areas, are: gang tension, teens wanting to "grind" and get a little to happy. The case with the young girl in California at homecoming comes to mind. The owner of the club could be held responsible. So, overall just based off of those two it becomes clear that it would not do well.
    If you are truly interested in it try to find information about "hollywood connection" in Columbus, GA. They opened a club back in 2000 I think, and it was designed for specific ages I think 12-15, but I could be wrong on the ages.
    The risk to me however far outweighs the potential payoff.

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    I think teen clubs are a good market, but when targeting that type of clientele you have to really be in touch with that generation and what they like. I'd be sure to have lots of new age technology, big bright screens, things that will pretty much blow any youngster's mind.

    Look into that LED Stuff, get on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Get text to screen, Video DJ software, develop a iPhone App for your club. Be sure to invest in the latest and really research out what teens are into and the way they talk these days.

    Hope I helped!
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    Where is the Teen King

    Use to be a poster turned moderator on this site that specialized in these type venues. Though I did not agree with his adult bar/club views and nor do I put much value in the "Teen" club, this chap did know the teen scene and could offer you some keen insights into what it takes to put together this type of venue. Do not remember the screen name except that it had the word teen in it. I think the administrators of this sight revoked his moderator rights and sent him to detention for some reason or another.

    Good luck!

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    Not detention, he was excommunicated,but you can still search his decent posts on teen clubs as he lives on here in infamy. Search teen and teen clubs.
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