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Thread: Go Go Dancers

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    Go Go Dancers


    What are the pros and cons of hiring "Go Go Dancers"???

    Here are the things I found to be Pros and Cons after hypothetically hiring them.


    - Entertainment for your patrons (mostly guys)
    - Adds that "spark" because you have something different then over night clubs (though not really true anymore with any techno night club, since they all have them now)
    - High energy - Keeps everyone dancing
    - Boost liquor sales


    - May be to interested in flirting with patrons instead of getting paid to dance (which might boost alcohol sales? So maybe a positive thing?)
    - Another person to pay hourly

    Now I am sure someone will be able to add more to each list, and that is what I am counting on. So please give me your thoughts about hiring them, why you think you should or shouldn't and how they might help or hinder your venue. This is specifically for a night club scenario, not bars. Night clubs which have bars in them yes.

    Side note: I know this depends on location and region usually, but what do YOU (or someone you know) pay for Go Go Dancers at your club?

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    Gog dancers??

    Do you own a nightclub? It doesn't sound like you do.
    Why would you want gogo dancers in your club?? 60% of nightclub customers are women. You would be taking money out of your pocket. You don't need gogo dancers, you can just hire your own personal nightclub dancers to get everybody dancing. Sorry to say but it doesn't make sense!! If you want gogo dancers then buy a gogo bar, which you probably wont be able to do considering it is a all cash business. If you want a club then do the research and plan around the club. Stick to the nightclub aspects or your business will fail. Sorry to come off this way but you have to think about it.

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    I like GoGo dancers. In my experience they are not just for the guys (but maybe it depends on the crowd). My gogo dancers dance on a gogo stands which are elevated above the crowd, and there is a spotlight on them. They are visually interesting to look at, for both men and women. Think of them as part of the decour and the theme of the night -- does it fit? They encourage people to dance just by the fact that they are dancing. Girls like to go up and dance with the gogo dancers some times. In general I'd say men and women enjoy them equally. If your gogo dancers are flirting with customers they are not doing their job and should be fired.

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